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Lundahl & Seitl

Not Here Alone nor for Ourselves Alone - AmissingRoom, 2020

Taking Lundahl & Seitl's new adaptation: AmissingRoom as a starting point, this online event is a reflection upon the lockdown period, as well as a series of questions about the meaning of reciprocity and presence, 'being at hand', in times of physical distancing.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, digitalization and surveillance accelerated, laws were reconstituted and living habits altered around the world.

Yet, confronted with this rapid transformation, how can we ensure to keep alive what should only be temporarily altered? How can we protect that which: cannot (yet) be digitalized, risks becoming extinct, or will be forgotten if not practised or cared for in this present?

Saved as a score of reciprocity between two people, the artwork AmissingRoom places us in a liminal room, a speculative future where coming generations no longer sharing out present perceptual sensibilities.

Running Schedule:

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At 8 PM CET, our proposal is that everyone is ready to start the App in front of their window (please check the coordinated time in your location).

Everyone enters AmissingRoom - a score for two people - in their home for about 20 min, followed by a break.

At 9 PM CET, Lundahl & Seitl will be in conversation with Karen Verschooren, art curator at STUK (BE) co-commissioner of AmissingRoom. The session ends with audience reflections and Q&A.


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This event is created in partnership with STUK, Uppsala Museum of Art, Centre Pompidou-Metz and Berlin Art Link.

Wed 24 Jun 2020 20:00


STUK at home