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Ocean of Sound | VEDUTA

Veduta & STUK present:

Ocean Of Sound | Veduta

➤ Staurday 9 December 2023 - 20:00
➤ Start: STUK Studio - Naamsestraat 96, Leuven (4th floor)
➤ The listening sessions of Aïsha Devi and Zoë Mc Pherson are with closed doors. Be on time, latecomers won't be allowed to enter.
➤ Tickets: €10


19:45 doors STUK Studio
20:00: Aïsha Devi — Aethernal Score (listening session in 4DSOUND) / Zoë Mc Pherson — Women, Freedom, Life (listening session in 4DSOUND)

21:00 doors STEK
21:15 leop4rdi (live)
22:15 Summer Satana (live)
23:15 Mankiyan (dj)
01:00 einde

+ scenography by amajln

• Aïsha Devi — Aethernal Score
(listening session in 4DSOUND)

No one sounds like Aïsha Devi. Her soprano voice is her most powerful instrument in an oeuvre characterised by stomping rave, ethereal chant and mystical shamanism. Born in the Swiss Alps with Nepali-Tibetan roots, she developed a cross-cultural identity that is reflected in her work. Rebellious club music with metaphysical dimensions.

Composition: Aïsha Devi | Spatialized and produced by Shehryar Ahmad of Monom Studios | In the context of: New Horizons - Dieric Bouts Festival, an initiative of KU[N]ST Leuven:

• Zoë Mc Pherson — Women, Freedom, Life
(listening session in 4DSOUND)

Zoë Mc Pherson is a French-Irish composer, DJ and sound designer based in Berlin. Balancing on the border between rave and museum, they create raw compositions focusing on rhythm and texture. Their third album Pitch Bender was released this year on MC Pherson's own label SFX, which is runned with multimedia artist and sparring partner Alessandra Leone. Their spatial sound work Women, Freedom, Life was created for Monom's system and premiered at CTM festival 2023.

Compisition: Zoë Mc Pherson | Spatialized and produced by Shehryar Ahmad of Monom Studios | In the context of: New Horizons - Dieric Bouts Festival, an initiative of KU[N]ST Leuven:

• leop4rdi

Leop4rdi expands over a synthy sonic palette, masterfully blending soft guitar melodies reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock with rich EDM and trance leads. And while high-pitched vocal lines, thick bass-lines and beat-like drums, still all play an important role in leop4rdi’s production, the Belgian producer doesn’t shy off from playfully experimenting with more club-oriented sounds and arrangement. For his live set, Omar Hobo joins him on the drums.

• Summer Satana

Summer Satana is a musician and producer based in Belgium. Saturated beats, cavernous and frenetic rhythms, mutant voices, infernal samples, Summer Satana half-succubus, half-ghoul, compose a dystopian live machine. Her music sharpened with barked statements is a rallying and freedom rituel for all the unchained dogess, up and coming. Frenetic kicks as backdrop, her haunting screams and chants invoke a raging energy, awakening chaotic forces to fire an X-trem and resurrecting revolt.

• Mankiyan

Only a handful of years in, and Mankiyan is already taking Belgium by storm. A sure favourite of the scene, this powerhouse of the new generation is marking her territory. Mankiyan’s mixes are full of depth, spatiality and intuition, spanning across heady dub, rave, UK bass and grime. She toys with complex rhythm sequences and easily switches genres, with healthy splashes of bright twists – but always with an impeccable sense of pace and flow. Mankiyan is injecting community-driven, unpretentious and unadulterated love for rave culture back into nightlife.

• amajln

Amalia Jaulin (Bordeaux, France, 1995) lives and works in Paris. Graduated with a DSAA in space from La Marinière Diderot in Lyon in 2019. During her degree, she explored soundscapes and listening postures in space. Now a scenographer and artistic direction for several experimental musical projects, she is passionate about science fiction. Her set designs emerge from the depths of uncanny. Questions the effects of vibrations on matter. Water, in all its forms, is the physical and spiritual element that guides her work in her approach to light and her questioning of the laws of physics. For Amalia, this element is the possible connection between the sound world and the more tangible visual world.

Sat 9 Dec 2023 20:00


STUK Studio