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TRANSIT Late Night: Lucrecia Dalt + Claudia Molitor

Nocturnal double bill with electroacoustic sounds by Lucrecia Dalt and Claudia Molitor

Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian experimental composer and vocalist who developed her typical, out-of-this-world style with six albums and a number of excellent EPs. A trained geologist, she combines acoustic and electronic sounds with sampling and conventional songwriting to turn geological phenomena into sound. Her most recent release Anticlines is an astonishing journey through spoken word, vocal manipulation, eerie ambient and South-American rhythms.

The double bill opens with the creation Decay by British composer Claudia Molitor. For this piece, Molitor works with local artists of the performance venue for a year. That way, the work gradually decomposes and metamorphoses, until, after a year, Decay has become something completely different. In Leuven, musician Gerrit Valckenaers is Molitor’s local sparring partner.

“Over the past decade, the albums of Colombian musician Lucrecia Dalt have moved steadily away from playfully experimental indie pop into increasingly deeper levels of abstraction.”


“Anticlines, the sixth studio album by Lucrecia Dalt is an experimental marvel. A melding of voice and instrument that creates alien, yet familiar soundscapes that could easily soundtrack high-concept sci-fi that explores the nature of humanity.”

Fri 18 Oct 22:15 - 23:30


STUK Studio


€15 standard
€14 +65
€13,5 -26
€11 staff & students KU / UZ Leuven
€7,5 KU Leuven culture card / STUK card