Floris Vanhoof - Polyhedra

“The rich acoustic phenomenon of a symphonic orchestra inspired me to send a stereo signal through 50 loudspeakers with different sizes and shapes. The sound floats through constant variations in sound volume. As if invisible hands constantly turn the volume knob."

Polyhedra is an environment that consists of a loudspeaker orchestra of 50 different geometric shapes, with a built-in speaker. The different sizes, shapes and placement of the loudspeakers creates an intense listening experience: a big round loudspeaker box in the far left corner translates the sound differently than a small square loudspeaker in the near right corner of the room. Together with the natural movements of music (eg. from high to low), an endless amount of movements originates in the space between the loudspeakers, letting the sound travel through the room on its own.

During this residency, new shapes are built around the loudspeakers, after which their whirring and echoing can be tested extensively in the exhibition space. The test-setup will lead to a spatial and acoustic plan for the Polyhedra exhibition in May.

Floris Vanhoof combines homemade electronic music circuits with analogue projection technologies for audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music publications. In an investigation of our perception and new perspectives, one medium is translated into the other.