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Expo Floris Vanhoof & Rie Nakajima

STUK presents two sound installations by (°1982) and Rie Nakajima (°1976) as part of Sound in May. Both works are built up using a large number of sound objects that together form a multi-layered symphony, albeit contrasting in form, aesthetics and acoustics. The listener determines his own composition by walking around between these surroundings.

Floris Vanhoof - Polyhedra (STUK Labozaal)
Rie Nakajima - Stepping (White stairwell Labozaal)

In STUK Labozaal you hear Belgian media artist Floris Vanhoof’s immersive installation Polyhedra. Vanhoof explores the borders between composition, instrument building and sculpture. Polyhedra is a spatial instrument consisting of 50 geometrical shapes made of cardboard, hanging all across the room, each containing a loudspeaker. They create a cloud of sounds with varying intensity, a sonic rainforest that tests the listener’s perception. In STUK, Vanhoof will also present his new album The Fluid Computer, released via KRAAK, with a performance inside the installation.

In dialogue with Vanhoof, Japanese sound artist Rie Nakajima builds Stepping, a new installation tailored for the white stairwell next to STUK Labozaal. Where Polyhedra is characterized by synth sounds in a dark environment devoid of acoustic reflection, Nakajima uses only acoustic sounds that react with the natural reverb of the light stairwell. However, both installations share a multi-layered spatial approach with a wide range of sounding objects. In her typical style, Nakajima uses a combination of kinetic devices and found objects.

Polyhedra by Floris Vanhoof is a co-production of Overtoon, Het Bos and KRAAK, supported by the Flemish Government.

Fri 3 May 2019 19:00 - Thu 16 May 2019


STUK Labozaal



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