Chloé Bodart & Agnes Pelletier (FR)

Everyday co-existence

Chloé Bodart

Chloé Bodart is an architect and partner of Compagnie architecture, whose works are dedicated to the sensitive reuse of existing buildings, "inhabited" projects which tackles ways of co-existence of different communities and the city, and construction sites as a cultural act.

Chloé graduated in 2003 from Paris-Belleville School of Architecture. In 1999, she began working with Patrick Bouchain, practicing a different way of building. This fruitful collaboration leads to the creation 2008 of her studio Construire, a pioneer in the conversion of industrial sites into cultural spaces, through performing arts, temporary use, and ephemeral solutions. Jules Eymard joined her as an associate in 2018. In 2021, the practice became “Compagnie architecture” and relocated to a new space they had rehabilitated into a multidisciplinary workspace.

Compagnie architecture experiments with projets that aim to develop a tailored approach to the practice of project management, considering that it is possible to build differently, with and for people. In every project, the architects integrate first and foremost the human dimension, the interaction between people, the enhancement of user expertise, experimentation, reuse, multidisciplinarity, and reevaluation through culture.

The will to create an "HQH" architecture, for "High Human Quality", the development of cultural construction site open to the public and questioning of traditional standards of living together are at the core of Compagnie's projects.

Agnès Pelletier

Agnès Pelletier is a founding choreographer of the dance compagny Volubilis and the festival Panique Au Dancing taking place in Niort (France). She creates an unexpected kind of dance slipping into the smallest spaces of the city and its landscapes. Our daily human coexistence takes on a new dimension as her gaze changes ours.

Founded in 2006, the Volubilis company chooses to explore various territories, using unexpected or unconventional spaces to enrich its choreographic approach. Over the last fifteen years, the performances have allowed to explore places such as markets, house facades, city halls, streets, store windows, museums, and theaters. In 2015, the company created a festival called “Panique Au Dancing” in Niort, an event hosting about twenty companies every two years. The company’s artistic project is anchored in it, as it is a land of invention, experimentation, and creation. It makes it possible to imagine dance on a city-wide scale and to share it with a wide audience.

Agnès Pelletier was invited by Stéphane Jouan to reflect on the notion of Inside/Outside and the theme of "living". In this context, Habiter n'est pas dormir, the Cie Volubilis most recent piece, was created in 2022 (with the scenography by Chloé Bodart). The performance questions how each of us inhabits the world and hints at exciting possibilities for transposition into public spaces.


WHEN Thursday 26 October 2023 at 20:00

WHERE aula AV 91.12 (building faculty of social sciences), Parkstraat 49, 3000 Leuven

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Lecture series architecture, urbanism and landscape

Curator: Studio Paola Viganò


In the framework of today’s socio-ecological transition, different human and non-human communities need to live together in new ways of life: how to live with wild nature in the city, how can underprivileged communities find their space in dense metropolitan areas, how can different activities come together in public spaces, etc. This lecture series focuses on the creation of new typologies of space, which accommodate and inspire new ways of life through a technical, political, and ethical process of collective choices.


26.10.2023 / AV aula 91.12
Chloé Bodart & Agnes Pelletier (FR)
Everyday co-existence

30.11.2023 / STUK
Stad Parijs - Charles-Antoine Depardon, Sophie Mourthé, Kristiaan Borret
Metropolis of co-existence

29.02.2024 / STUK
Dirk Sijmons (NL)
Urban-Nature co-existence

21.03.2024 / STUK
Gabu Heindl (AU)
Landscape(s) of co-existence

02.05.2024 / STUK
Dilip da Cunha (IN)
Co-existence with water

08.05.2023 / STUK
Paola Viganò (IT), Viviana d'Auria (IT) & Greet De Block (BE)
Discussion around P. Viganò The Biopolitical Garden

Thu 26 Oct 2023 20:00


Aula AV 91.12
  • Parkstraat 49
  • 3000 Leuven


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