© Simo Karisalo
Sonja Jokiniemi


Finnish dancer and choreographer Sonja Jokiniemi lets you dive into the world of pre-language – that which precedes language. There is no meaning yet, and our (sexual) desires can roam freely and without limitations. Just like the surrealists, who found inspiration in the unpredictable world of the unconscious, Blab takes you on a trip through that unconscious world with its associative logic, devoid of all norms. Phallic symbols, soft shapes and other ambiguous objects made of textile, hair, latex and chains are spread out across the scene, creating a multi-coloured landscape. Clumsy figures seem entangled in their own desires. Their repetitive, compulsive actions appear meaningless. Blab is unpredictable – one moment sweet and soft, the next hard and agressive. Blab is Freud at its best.


concept, choreography & image Sonja Jokiniemi | performers Ivo Serra, Mira Kautto & Sara Gurevitsch | light design Heikki Paasonen | textile design in collaboration with Janina Silvennoinen | performance photos Simo Karisalo | producer Riikka Thitz | co-production Zodiak – center for new dance, moving in november festival, regional dance centre of eastern Finland (Itak), veem house for performance | residency support arsenic theatre, regional dance centre of eastern Finland (Itak), Impulstanz - Vienna international dance festival, pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, stuk - house for dance, image & sound, wpzimmer | with support of arts promotion centre Finland (Taike), jenny en antti wihuri foundation, Samuel Huberin Taidesäätiö


STUK Labozaal


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