Thiago Granato


Trrr locates the past in front of the body and the future behind it. It is a zone where archaic entities never seen or heard before can be manifested. It inscribes a dance in the margins of time by a body moving both forward and backward into uncharted or forgotten territory. Trrr is the third and last part of a larger body of work entitled CHOREOVERSATIONS, a project based on different imaginary collaborations between Thiago Granato and dead, living and as yet unborn choreographers.

Part of EXTRACT #2

Extract #2 is a platform for seven artists who have been working in STUK’s studios in recent years. What these artists have in common is their interest in challenging the established standards. The mini festival is concluded with the symposium Transforming Relations which offers a theoretical framework and zooms in on how choreography can redefine calibrated gender relations.


19:30 Varinia Canto Vila – By Getting One's Hand Dirty
20:30 Kat Válastur – Rasp Your Soul
21:30 PRICE – Melodies Are So Far My Best Friend

18:30 - 22:30 Stav Yeini – The Senders

20:30 Sonja Jokiniemi – Blab
21:30 Thiago Granato – Trrr

14:00 - 18:00 Symposium Transforming Relations: Dance & Difference
20:30 Sonja Jokiniemi – Blab
21:30 Lisa Vereertbruggen – Softcore - A Hardcore Encounter


concept, direction, choreography and performance Thiago Granato | "invited" choreographers (fictional presence) Stone and Jaguar | assistant director Sandro Amaral | phsycial training Daniela Visco | artistic advice Jefta van Dinther | dramaturgic advice Laura Samy | sound design David Kiers | sound technician Andrea Parolin | light design Susana Alonso | light technician Claes Schwennen | set design Thiago Granato | voice over Chrysa Parkinson | production Sandro Amaral and Thiago Granato | co-production STUK - Huis voor Dans, Beeld & Geluid, CND - Centre National de la Danse, Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, PACT Zollverein | supported by ÉTAPE DANSE, initiated by the Institut Francais Deutschland / Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse, Uzès Danse CDCN, Théâtre Nîmes and fabrik Potsdam, with the help of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication/DGCA and the city of Potsdam; BUDA Arts Centre (Kortrijk/Belgium); Tanz Fabrik (Berlin/Germany) | funded by Senate Department for Culture and Europe of Berlin
Thu 25 Apr 2019 21:30


STUK Soetezaal