Kat Válastur

Rasp Your Soul

In Rasp Your Soul, the Greek choreographer Kat Válastur uses mythology as a tool to answer contemporary questions. For this, she collaborates with the performer Enrico Ticconi and the visual artist Leon Eixenberger. We see a contemporary mythical being in an indefinable space. Are we in the present, the past, or the future? Do we see a human, an animal, or a cyborg? His movements carry traces of digital and capitalist culture and, under the impulse of the environment, are almost transformed into mantras. In Rasp Your Soul, the body, voice, and sound are interwoven in such a way that they form one magical organ, as it were. An elusive identity that makes us think about our own state of being.

Part of EXTRACT #2

Extract #2 is a platform for seven artists who have been working in STUK’s studios in recent years. What these artists have in common is their interest in challenging the established standards. The mini festival is concluded with the symposium Transforming Relations which offers a theoretical framework and zooms in on how choreography can redefine calibrated gender relations.


19:30 Varinia Canto Vila – By Getting One's Hand Dirty
20:30 Kat Válastur – Rasp Your Soul
21:30 PRICE – Melodies Are So Far My Best Friend

18:30 - 22:30 Stav Yeini – The Senders

20:30 Sonja Jokiniemi – Blab
21:30 Thiago Granato – Trrr

14:00 - 18:00 Symposium Transforming Relations: Dance & Difference
20:30 Sonja Jokiniemi – Blab
21:30 Lisa Vereertbruggen – Softcore - A Hardcore Encounter


concept, choreograpy & script / articulation Kat Válastur | performance Enrico Ticconi | set design & sculpture Leon Eixenberger | light design & objects Martin Beeretz | sound design / music Bryan Eubanks | additional sound Kat Válastur | choreographic & production assistant Giulia Amici | costume Kat Válastur | costume assistance Sofia Vannini | production Kat Válastur / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin | production management HAU Artist Office / HAU Artist Office / Sabine Seifert | touring & distribution HAU Artist Office / Nicole Schuchardt | co-produced by Onassis Cultural Foundation, Theater Freiburg, Kunstencentrum STUK Leuven, Stichting Châtel sur Place Amsterdam | funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and National Performance Net (NPN) | coproduction funding dance supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media | government commissioner for culture and the media / with the support of TATWERK | Performative Forschung, Uferstudios, Tanzfabrik Berlin and ada Studio | presented in the context of [dna] departures and arrivals with support by culture programme of the european union
Tue 23 Apr 2019 20:30


STUK Labozaal


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